Frat suspended for exchanging photos of nude, passed out women

The Penn State chapter of Kappa Delta Rho was suspended for a year on Tuesday after cops began looking into allegations that frat members were exchanging pictures of naked, unconscious women in a private¬†Facebook group. The hidden pages were apparently titled “Covert Business Transactions” and then a second one was called “2.0” after a woman complained about her picture being shared in the previous page. The pages were accessed by 144 active members comprised of both current students and alumni who no doubt haven’t matured beyond the point where life was just one big game of beer pong.

A police warrant obtained by Associated Press the authorities were tipped off by a former member who told them that the page was used to share photos and presumably brag about “unsuspecting victims, drug sales and hazing.” Police also believe that the women in the pictures were not aware that their photos were being taken, given that the majority of them were passed out at the time. Ugh.

So, just how many horrifying photos were taken and exchanged presumably without the women’s consent?

“I don’t want to get into numbers,” State College Police Assistant Chief John Gardner told CBS News, “but they were pretty disturbing.”

Authorities are asking that the women victimized by the frat come forward and help identify the members who exchanged the pictures since the Facebook page has been “wiped clean.” The investigation is ongoing although its unclear at this time if any criminal charges will be pursued.

It looks like we can add another chapter to Penn State’s sterling legacy.

Also, it’s not like we needed another argument for the fact that frats seem to be petri dishes for misogyny and racism.

[h/t Gawker]