Man’s girlfriend and ex jump into river — make him choose who to save

A man was involved in the kind of love triangle typically reserved for old episodes of “Melrose Place” when his girlfriend and his ex demanded that he choose between them. However, their methods were a little extreme given that they presented the choice by hurling themselves into a river under the guise that the man could only save one of them.

This occurred after 21-year-old Wu Hsia of Ningbo, China met up with current girlfriend 22-year-old Rong Tsao and 20-year-old Jung Tang, the ex he dumped three months prior at a local beauty salon in order to make peace between the two women. Apparently, Jun was still heartbroken over their breakup and was actively trying to harass Wu into leaving Rong. Naturally, this pissed off Rong to no end and Wu was tired of hearing about it.

“I was sick of being nagged from both sides.” Wu told local media. “Rong was moaning about Jun and Jun was moaning about her and it all got too much.”

The arguing trio changed locations and ended up near a river. That’s when Wu’s troubles really began.

“The girls began arguing and the man’s ex-girlfriend felt insulted by a comment made by the new girlfriend, and so she jumped into the river calling for her former lover to save her,” said a police spokesman. “The new girlfriend, fearing that he might indeed jump in to save his ex-lover, then jumped in as well.”

Things didn’t really go as Jun as planned considering that her ex-boyfriend saved his current girlfriend and then called his brother for help. All the desperate romantic gesture got the jilted lover was stuck up to her waist in mud. Firefighters later arrived on the scene to haul Jun out of her mud trap by tying a rope around her.

The firemen also got to witness some ripe relationship drama after the rescue when they witnessed Wu yelling, “We broke up 4 months ago. Why you still bother me?” at Jun.

“I want to bother you,” she reportedly replied. Cue the “Psycho” string section.

Although Rong got her man, she also required medical attention after she hit a damn boat during her grand romantic plunge. I guess there really are no winners in this situation.

On the plus side, maybe one of the nice firemen who hauled Jun out of the river are single.

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