Dumbass teens steal Dairy Queen tip jar, Snapchat it

A local Dairy Queen in St. Clair Shores, Michigan was giving out free ice cream cones this week to celebrate 75 years of DQ’s reign, when some teenage girls decided they wanted more than rainbow sprinkles and made off with the royal tip jar.

So far, so not cool. But things went from dick move to facepalm when the teen hooligans took to Snapchat to brag about their cone-quest, posing in a video and blatantly announcing “Robbed dairy queen tip jar.”

They were doubtlessly hoping the evidence of their crime would disappear into the ether like so many poorly-lit dick pics but DQ’s loyal customers saved the video and took photos of the thieves’ getaway car, providing authorities with more than enough info to bust them for the six bucks they most likely escaped with.

Will these brats be doing hard time for their soft serve transgressions? Probably not. But let’s all agree on one thing:┬áKidz be DUMB.

[Deadline Detroit]