My Morning Jacket preview new album in nature-filled trailer

Louisville, Kentucky’s My Morning Jacket have long been known for exploring many sounds: psych, Americana, roots music…basically anything that can be hyphenated with “rock.” (Even a bit of “dad-rock,” dare I say.) Now, as they get ready to release their seventh studio album “The Waterfall,” the band has previewed some of the album’s music and imagery in a two-minute-long trailer. Like the mushroom chocolate you bought at Bonnaroo, it’s only mildly psychedelic, but it’s nice anyway.

Shot in and around Panoramic House, the Northern California studio where they recorded the album, the video lingers lovingly on the crunchy, earthy environs in which the beloved five-piece set to work: sunsets, lakes, elephant sculptures, and…is that a hint of grunge forest I spy? The snatches of the album are brief but promising; there is soft, folksy strumming, twanging pedal steel, trippy noodling, anthemic rock, poppy soul, and even some spacey synths.

By the time it ends with an all-too-brief shot of a waterfall (or is it the waterfall?) you’re ready to spark up a┬ávintage bong and give the entire album a listen. Which is pretty much the point of a trailer, so…good job, publicity team.

[h/t Pitchfork]