Chill crime victim posts selfie immediately after getting shot

If any reasonable, sane person was the target of the shooting spree of a crazed, white supremacist, one would probably be traumatized after sustaining a gunshot wound. Apparently, that’s not the case for 20-year-old restaurant worker Isaac Martinez who took a shot to the shoulder while on the job in Mesa, Arizona.

During 41-year-old suspect Ryan E. Giroux’s Wednesday morning shooting spree, Giroux allegedly approached Martinez at Bistro 13 and demanded that the young man hand over the keys to his car. When he refused, Giroux (pictured below) allegedly shot the kid clean through the shoulder.


It’s not every day you sustain a non-fatal gunshot wound at work, so Martinez commemorated the occasion with a couple selfies and shared them on social media.

“So im home and well! I have no complicated injuries and should heal fine,” Martinez posted on Facebook. “I had a bullet hit me from behind and go through my shoulder and out my coller area. Any higher or lower it coulda hit a artery, or shatter my shoulder blade. It was a miracle hit.”

This obviously could have turned out worse for the young man, as the suspect’s shooting spree claimed the life of 29-year-old David Williams and left five others injured. Given his smile in the hospital selfie, Martinez seems to be aware of lucky he is to be alive.

[h/t Time]