Mom caught on video cheering daughter in middle school fight

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, police arrested a 34-year-old mother for child abuse after allegedly cheering her daughter in a schoolyard fight.

The fisticuffs took place on Tuesday afternoon on the front lawn of Taft Middle School, where, according to the local sheriff’s department (and anyone who pays attention to the footage), Nicole Morlan (see mugshot) calls her daughter’s nemesis a “psycho bitch” while punching at the air and doing nothing to stop the two from going at it.

Another adult, presumably the other child’s mother, meanwhile attempts to break up the fight.

Now, Morlan is faced with a child abuse charge. An eyewitness told the Albuquerque Journal that Morlan’s daughter and the other kid had “ongoing problems” at school.

ABQ RAW has the footage on its YouTube channel (embedded below), and seems rather proud of that fact:

[h/t Breaking911 | video via ABQ RAW]