Robyn launching a techfest for the ladies

Electro-pop powerhouse, viral video sensation, and now tech-mentor, Robyn is launching Tekla, a tech-fest for girls.

Aiming to expand the appeal of tech exploration and careers for young women, the April 18 event will take place in Stockholm, Sweden and is open to girls 11 to 18-years-old. Workshops will include: robot programming, game design, 3-D printing, and dance.  The event then culminates in a performance from Robyn and a dance party.

Robyn was inspired to launch the event after being awarded the KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s Great Prize in 2013 ” I thought of KTH’s motto, ‘Science and Art,’ and wanted to do something to inspire girls who are curious about technology, while at the same time highlighting that too few women are applying to KTH programs.”

While American pop stars seem to be pushing retrogressive gender politics, and actresses shun the term feminist with glee, it’s good to see a woman using her platform in the music industry to go beyond shilling product and truly encouraging productivity and empowerment.