Republican lawmaker: Voter ID bill isn’t discriminatory because Obama is black

In a hearing on proposed legislation requiring voters to show ID when casting a ballot, Nevada State Assemblywoman Michele Fiore said that it would be impossible for the bill to have an unfair impact on minorities because Barack Obama was elected president.

“We’re in 2015 and we have a black president, in case anyone didn’t notice,” said Fiore, whose previous claim to fame was for wanting to arm “young, hot little girls on campus” to deter sexual assault.

“So the color and the race issue, I think it’s time that we put that to rest,” she added.

Fiore was referring to criticism that voter ID bills, which republicans across the country say they support as a method to combat voter fraud, disproportionately discriminate against minorities and young voters.

“At what point do we stop using the race card to argue points?” Fiore asked the Nevada director of the NAACP National Voter Fund. “This voter ID is for everybody, I think it’s quite suppressive when you use the racial card as an opposition.”

Yup. Assemblywoman Fiore, explaining race to an NAACP director, says the “racial card” is what is truly suppressive, not voter ID laws that have actually been proven to be.

Despite their protestations, Fiore and other supporters of ID legislation know the laws are discriminatory–it’s their intended consequence. They hide behind the canard that voter fraud is a huge problem, but they have been able to present little to zero evidence that it even exists.

And it’s hard to humor Fiore’s assertion that her support of the legislation has nothing to do with discriminating against minorities when, during the very hearing discussing the bill, she said that she had “great respect” for her colleague Assemblyman Harvey Munford for being “the first colored man to graduate his college.”

[h/t HuffPo]