Billy Corgan wants to be called William now

There was always something charming about grown men who kept the childhood diminutive version of their name rather than demanding that everyone start calling them Bill, Dan or Michael the moment they sprouted their first chest hair. It takes a certain kind of confidence and comfort in your own skin to march into adulthood while still being called something like Joey, Tommy or Danny. Just look at Joey Ramone, Tommy Lee Jones or Danny Trejo.

For all his faults, self-seriousness and relentless pretension, the fact that Billy Corgan still went by Billy always kind of endeared the guy to me. Well, that and his love of cats. However, he had to go and put a pin in that after he asked the crowd in Lima, Peru to sing “Happy Birthday” to him on the night of his 48th birthday. March 17. He shares a birthday with Kurt Russell and we’re not sure what he did to deserve that honor.

Anyway, after the crowd complies and wishes a happy birthday to “dear Billy,” you know, the name he’s been using professionally for about 30 years, he had to go and admonish his fans.

“My name is not Billy. My name is William.” he replied, instead of just thanking the crowd for indulging him in a birthday singalong and moving on. The crowd indulged Mr. Pumpkin some more and chanted “William!” at him.

“My mother thanks you, in Heaven.” he replied.

From this point on, I think we can call the act of needlessly invoking a dead parent “pulling a Corgan,” or “pulling a William.” Take your pick.

You can watch the whole exchange here.

We’ll make sure to keep the update in mind, Billiam.

[h/t Consequence of Sound]