Suge Knight faints when judge sets bail at $25 million

Adding to an already dramatic saga, Suge Knight collapsed in court today upon hearing that his bail was set at a whopping $25 million.

The music mogul is awaiting trial for charges of murder and attempted murder, from an incident in Compton on January 29 when Suge ran his car into two men, killing one in the process. The whole ordeal started when Knight showed up and was turned away from the filming of “Straight Outta Compton.”

Thus far Knight’s defense team has claimed the whole ordeal was an accident stemming from the fact that he is legally blind. Which would beg the question: why was he even driving?

Beyond the theatrics of Knight’s collapse, his defense repeatedly compared his client to the show “Empire”, kept asking the judge if his client should have just allowed the two men to “fuck him up”, and noted that the bail was excessive given that his client isn’t likely to end up in a similar situation anytime soon.

You know, unless he keeps driving. And being Suge Knight.