Man given mental evaluation for ignoring Rick Scott’s insane climate change policy

In case you were holding out hope that the ban on Florida state environmental agencies from referencing “climate change” and “global warming” was some silly misunderstanding or hilarious joke, well first of all, you don’t know Florida, and second of all, it seems that the ban is all too real. Just ask long-time employee Barton Bibler, who claims he was put on leave and forced to undergo a mental evaluation for violating the policy.

According to a complaint lodged by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (Peer), Bibler was put on administrative leave on March 9 after explicitly referencing climate change during a meeting to discuss the possible environmental impacts of the Keystone XL Pipeline, among other things. He was told he would not be allowed to return to the office until a doctor gave him a mental evaluation.

To be clear, the Florida government now apparently officially holds the position that anybody who uses the words climate change might be clinically insane.

Bibler recalls the meeting and told the Miami Herald that when he congratulated everyone on the work they were doing to help combat climate change, “the reaction was mostly shock.” Ann Lazar, the forum moderator, remarked that she was afraid Bibler’s behavior could lead to the cancellation of future meetings. “Obviously, she’s nervous I had violated this unwritten policy of talking about climate change. I didn’t get the memo.”

So remember, if you ever make your way to Florida and find some areas totally underwater, just call it “nuisance flooding,” otherwise everyone there might just think you’re a crazy person.

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