Shoplifter escapes justice by climbing through Walmart ceiling

A man was caught shoplifting in an Alabama Walmart the other day and was apprehended by store security. What seemed like an open and shut case got interesting though when they suspect was brought to the security office and managed to escape through the ceiling.

Not through an air duct, or a loose panel. He just broke open a hole in the ceiling and climbed through it.

After making his way towards the store’s entrance, the thief burst out of the ceiling and gradually made his way down to the floor. Despite several security members watching the slow decent, the guy actually managed to get away by simply running out the door.

You can see in the video that at no point did any security guard even think to guard the giant glass doors that lead to the store’s parking lot. Honestly, if your security force is so inept that they let a guy escape through a ceiling and then stand around and do nothing as he gets closer and closer to the exit, you deserve to have all of your merchandise stolen.

[h/t NY Daily News]