CNN’s ‘Too Many Cooks’ parody is dumb

CNN released a parody of the viral sensation “Too Many Cooks” a few days ago, and there seem to be a lot of people who mistakenly think it’s “amusing” or “good.” It is neither of these things. It is pointless and boring. The over-the-top praise has me legitimately worried. Look at this headline from Slate:

CNN Made Its Own Version of “Too Many Cooks,” and It Might Be Even Weirder

No. It might not be, because it isn’t. It’s very straightforward.

The video is titled “Election 2016: Too Many Cooks” and it’s just a long montage of political figures and, at one point, countries because somebody ran out of ideas. I would say that pretty much the only thing this video has going for it is that they didn’t try to make it as long as the original and brilliant “Too Many Cooks” and instead opted to only let it go for half as long.

I will admit that there are a few funny clips of politicians. Who among us can say they don’t love watching Joe Biden laughing like The Joker? But the problem with this video is that it hits one joke for six straight minutes. The great thing about “Too Many Cooks” was that it had multiple layers and tonal shifts. They spoofed different genres within the one video. They even made it so that you basically had to watch it twice to see just how long that serial killer had been lurking in the background.

CNN’s video has none of that. CNN’s version is basically just somebody saying “isn’t it crazy how many politicians there are?” and then naming them for six minutes. Hilarious. Even when they try to do something interesting it just ends up falling flat.

Take for example, the section where the music changes to the sci-fi theme. There’s a few clips during that shift where they show politicians with guns. Then we see some people fishing, and then Sheldon Adelson just sitting around being old, and it’s clear that whoever put this together gave up on that theme and went back to just showing us a montage of political figures. “Too Many Cooks” had that entire section be a cheesy sci-fi show spoof. CNN gave you three clips of politicians with firearms and called it comedy.

Oh, and I want to make it very clear that the demon sheep thing at the end is not CNN’s doing. That was a very real ad that already existed. Had CNN done that part themselves it would have been great, but they didn’t, so stop giving them credit for it.

Most importantly though, what’s the point of this? Are people really stunned by the obvious observation that elections are complicated and involve a lot of people, places, and things? Or is CNN trying to say that it’s become too much? If that’s their point, I have a radical suggestion for them: Be better at covering elections.

CNN is a news organization. There is absolutely nothing that compels them to take the likes of Donald Trump and Sarah Palin (post-VP run) seriously. They could simply choose to ignore the unimportant and superfluous parts of the election news cycle. They don’t though, so they have no right to complain.

Whatever. At least one person at Gawker agrees with me.

How was everybody’s weekend?