Blur releases new song ‘Lonesome Street’

As the original lineup of Blur prepares to release their first album together since 1999’s “13” (and the first “Blur” album of any kind since 2003’s “Think Tank”), the recently reunited quartet has unleashed yet another new song into the world. Spoiler alert: It’s good.

Taken from their imminent full-length “The Magic Whip” (due out April 27 on Parlophone), “Lonesome Street” continues the band’s return to form with poppy, crisply recorded guitars and clipped, cool vocals about an imaginary street where lonely people like to hang out. The chorus has some especially dramatic flourishes; floaty aahs and what sounds like a harp arpeggio evoke a dream sequence from a movie as Damon Albarn croons, “and if you have nobody left to rely on I’ll hold you in my arms and let you drift…” Then it’s back to the bouncy verse, complete with cheerful whistles and a funky flange sound effect.

I’ll admit I was slightly worried last year when I saw Damon Albarn play at SXSW and all his new material was quiet, sad sack piano music, but it seems his sadness has taken a jauntier turn. Blur has always been good at throwing parties through the pity, and it’s nice to see them doing that once again. Maybe Albarn just missed Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree.

[Pitchfork|press photo via NME]

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