French singer Soko mockingly impersonates Ariel Pink in ‘Lovetrap’ video

Depending how you interpret him, Ariel Pink is either a tragically misunderstood snowflake or a despicable misogynist troll. I think it’s likely he’s a bit of both, as he seems to have both genuinely thoughtful and genuinely douchey sides to him (#complex). As he exits the interview phase of the promo cycle for his recent album “pom pom,” we will mercifully–both to him and to us–be receiving fewer outrageous pull-quotes from his brain-mouth delivery chute. On Monday, however, a music video was released that will probably reignite the conversation without bringing it to any kind of satisfying conclusion.

The video in question is for “Lovetrap,” a collaboration Mr. Pink did with French singer and actress Soko for her recently released album “My Dreams Dictate My Reality.” In it, Soko (who also directed) toys with Pink’s image by playing a cartoonish, even unkind version of the “controversial” musician. Wearing his signature blonde bob and striped shirt, she slouches around smoking cigarettes, plucking nose hairs, creeping out everyone in the grocery store, and hiding from photographers who are almost definitely not there. After mugging for the camera the whole time, she ends it by throwing one of Pink’s infamous tantrums: “I hate music videos! I hate them, I don’t wanna be in them, I hate it, okay?! I hate it! Stop filming!”

Is it possible that Pink’s developing a sense of humor about himself? The satirical elements he signed off on point to yes. On the other hand, the song is a goofy sort of love story between Pink and the model-esque young singer, and whatever blows his ego might have sustained from the parody were probably more than canceled out by press shots like this one:


Plus, the very notion–here validated–that he’s famous enough to “play with persona” has got to feed his “self-loathing/self-obsessed” complex like whoa.

It’s worth noting that the song itself is fractured pop perfection. Maybe someday Pink will stop saying asinine things about women and I’ll bother to engage seriously with his music again.

[h/t Pitchfork]