Starbucks doesn’t want to talk about race anymore

Last week, Starbucks wanted to start a conversation about race. And they did! Unfortunately that conversation was mainly mockery aimed at Starbucks for its top-down, self-serious, and rather ham-fisted approach of encouraging employees to write “Race Together” on coffee cups to somehow start a meaningful conversation about racism with their barely conscious customers.

So now, one week on, Starbucks is quickly rolling back the plan it just recently rolled out.

Starbucks claims the intent was to stop scrawling debate fodder on its cups after a week’s time anyway. Other, more reasonable, aspects of the initiative will remain intact like forum discussions and content in USA Today. It’s probably just as well since, as one journalist found out when visiting five different Starbucks in a row, nobody was talking about it anyway.

Most likely because they were too busy working a demanding job to give a starfuck about promoting a thinly-veiled corporate PR campaign.