Hitler’s watercolor to be auctioned

A charming little painting of some flowers is set to be sold at auction this week by a little-known artist and widely-known dictator and madman named Adolf Hitler.

The watercolor was painted by A. Hitler in 1912 when he was in his 20s and trying to make it as an artist before moving on to his later pursuits of starting world wars and perpetuating one of the worst genocides in human history. It depicts a ceramic pitcher holding an array of pretty flowers. The bidding starts at $30,000 in case you’ve always wanted to have the following conversation with dinner guests:

Guest: “Oh my. That painting over the mantelpiece…is that a Hitler?”

Host: “Why yes it is. Pass the cumin would you?”

People always say Hitler was a shitty artist but don’t we all wish he’d stuck with it, considering?

Support the arts people.

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