This ‘rat train’ is the stuff of nightmares

A mother rat and her kids crossed the road the other day. No big deal. They formed an orderly line, as you do, chomped down on each others hindquarters, and created a nice long…RAT TRAIN! OH GOD, A RAT TRAIN NO!

Why is it so cute when we see a mother duck waddling along followed by a line of her brood, but then things turn so utterly nauseating when we see rats doing the same thing? It’s their world too isn’t it? Aren’t we all just warm, milk-drinking mammals trying to get by here? Is it their tendency to combine their biomass and link together to form a terrifying Raterpillar, Ratipede, or even Rat King? Yeah it’s probably that.

Also the collective noun for a group of rats is a “mischief” of rats so their overall shadiness has been known for quite some time.


Tags: animals, rats, squicky