Man makes sweet, sweet love to a statue’s face

Here’s a photo of a guy going by the alias of “Farm Daddy” defiling a statue while wearing only his socks.

It was first tweeted by @a_farmerr on September, 27 2014, and then deleted on Tuesday. Fortunately, BuzzFeed’s Joe Bernstein has preserved it for the annals of Internet History.


At first, many thought the statue to be a Lincoln memorial, but — as a Gawker tipster points out — it’s most likely the Alexander Graham Bell statue in Brantford, Ontario. It’s a cruel irony, that a photo of a man fucking the statue of the guy who invented the phone was published to the world using a phone.

But who is Farm Daddy, and what does he want?

We may never truly know, and frankly, we don’t want to know.

[h/t Gawker | Image: Joe Bernstein]