Giant moth lays eggs in reporter’s ear on air

It seems like field segments are a constant challenge to a local news reporter’s dignity. Take for example the weather reporters stuck outside broadcasting in the middle of a blizzard and sports reporters getting constantly photo bombed by drunks while reporting from games.

WTTG-TV reporter Bob Barnard took professional degradation to a new level while reporting live from Washington D.C.’s National Museum of Natural History on Monday night. During a segment on the museum’s butterfly pavilion, Barnard was joined by Insect Zoo manager Dan Babbitt and a giant African Moon Moth.

The moth hung out on Barnard’s fleece vest and the reporter seemed pretty chill about it and remained so even when the moth crawled up to his ear.

“This African Moon Moth is mating with my earlobe,” the ever positive Barnard said. “I’ve done live shots out in hurricanes and thought that was cool but I’ve got an African Moon Moth in my ear.”

Barnard joked that the moth was going to eat his ear, the Babbitt pointed out that the moths don’t actually have mouths and don’t eat anything during their brief lifespan as adults. Way to ruin the fun with your facts, zoo guy.

Instead of eating Barnard’s ear, the moth decided to use his body as a nest and lay a few eggs. Barnard was once a sentient, autonomous human with hopes and dreams, but now he’s nothing more than a hollowed out husk used to colonize a race of super moths. It’s a shame, really.

You can check out the entire four minute interview blow.


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