Footage shows drunk Secret Service members driving over suspicious package

Footage released by the House Oversight and Reform Committee appears to show two high-ranking Secret Service agents using their car to nudge aside a White House barrier before nearly driving over a suspicious package that was being treated as a bomb threat. The video was released by the committee as part of an ongoing inquiry into the incident which occurred the night of March 4, and was originally reported as a “crash.”

Tuesday’s committee hearing marked the third time in a week that Secret Service Director Joe Clancy was called before lawmakers to explain himself and his agency. Members of the committee were clearly not only angry with the director, but also disappointed, which every kid out there who’s been caught fucking up by their parents can tell you, hurts even worse.

“I don’t understand how this happens,” House Appropriations Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz said after running through a list of recent high profile boners committed by the Secret Service. “This has got to stop.”

Congressional members were particularly upset over the lack of video footage of the incident, and the extremely poor quality of the video that was released by the agency to congress.

“My local Store 24 has a better surveillance system,” said Rep. Stephen Lynch. Ouch.

Specific details of the event, which is still under investigation, remain unclear. According to Tuesday’s panel, the event began when a woman drove her car to the White House security gate, dropped off a package which she announced was a bomb, and drove off. There, the package sat unattended for 17 minutes as cars and pedestrians passed by, before being marked off.

It was then that the two agents in question, who were reportedly intoxicated after attending a party earlier in the evening, arrived at the scene and slowly drove their car into a barricade, nearly hitting the suspicious package.

It is unclear whether the agents were on duty and responding to the potential threat, or were just trying to sneak back into the White House unnoticed after breaking curfew.

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