Metal band that draws blood with barbed wire and cheese graters banned from playing Glasgow [graphic pics]

Philly metal band Eat the Turnbuckle provides one of the most bizarre live music experiences since GG Allin flung his own shit at audiences over 20 years ago. A typical set consists of a lot of bloodshed, with members attacking each other with baseball bats wrapped in barbed wire and cheese graters in a display not unlike some of the more perverse backyard wrestling videos.


Although the band insists that it is only a danger to its members and not the audience, the carnage scared the crap out of some politicians across the pond and the band was eventually barred from playing its scheduled gig in Glasgow, Scotland on Sunday night.

eat the turnbuckle

“Serious questions need to be asked about why this venue has booked a band which seems to condone bloody violence,” said Tory politician/wet blanket John Lamont, who urged the cops to shut down the band’s Sunday night show. “I would have thought that the local council and Police Scotland would be looking into this issue as a matter of urgency, before anyone is seriously injured.”

Guitarist El-Schlak-O responded to the ban with the helpful suggestion that Lamont and other politicians who want to shut down the band’s shows kindly remove the giant stick from their collective ass.

‘I don’t know what the problem was. We keep our stage antics and violence to ourselves,” the guitarist told local media. “It doesn’t disperse amongst the crowd, but apparently we are being crucified for no reason. It’s a God-given right to watch something if you choose to.”

Although the Glasgow fans were denied their God-given right to watch the musical blood spatter on Sunday night, maybe this footage from a 2013 Philly performance can attempt to fill the void.

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