Boston house wired to explode when lights turn on

In a plot that could have been cooked up by Dennis Hopper’s mad bomber villain in the classic 90s action flick “The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down,” a Boston-area house set to go on sale was found wired to explode when someone turned on a light switch.

An explosive device was discovered wired throughout several of the house’s rooms after the homeowner and electrician were conducting a pre-sale inspection. Police were called, who described finding “a gallon container of an incendiary substance” hooked up to the wiring.

“We believe the intention was that if someone had flipped the light switch on where it ended, the device would have exploded,” said Milton Police Chief Richard G. Wells, Jr.

Investigators are searching for the house’s previous tenants–a husband, wife, and daughter–who appeared to have abandoned the house the week prior after police had been called to the home in regards to reported vandalism. Police found the house’s drains had been plugged with concrete.

[Boston Globe | Photo: CBS Boston]