Woman sets fire to yoga studio after being sexually harassed

When apprehended by police, most people look a bit contrite, if not downright tearful in their mugshots. Not Suzanne Duarte. The smiling alleged arsonist will freely admit that she tried to burn down the American Power Yoga studio in Dallas, Texas and she apparently has no regrets.

“Most people can’t understand the smiling mugshot,” Duarte told the local CBS news affiliate through glass at a visitation room in the Dallas County Jail.

According to Duarte, she was prompted to burn down the yoga studio because two men associated with the business were continually sexually harassing her.

“He kept hitting on me and kept trying to make me the girlfriend on the side,” said Duarte. “Even as I’m walking out the door, he kept trying to put his hands on me, and I was like, ‘No!’”

On Saturday, Duarte had enough and rolled over to the studio carrying a baseball bat and a can of gasoline. She was seen lighting matches and tossing them, but fortunately, she was stopped before the entire shopping center went up in flames. What exactly was she trying to accomplish?

“Just to set it on fire, just destroy it, get rid of the devil’s temple,” Duarte said.


The studio has been under new management since November and a spokesperson for American Power Yoga denies any knowledge or involvement in the sexual harassment Duarte claims took place.

Duarte is being held on a 16,000 dollar bond, but as this picture, courtesy of CBS Local News shows, she’s still smiling.


[h/t Cosmopolitan| Image: CBS DFW]