Key & Peele to make Mr. Garvey movie

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, the wickedly good comedy duo behind Comedy Central’s eponymous  “Key & Peele” are set to make a movie starring their popular sketch character Mr. Garvey.

According to Deadline Paramount has secured the rights to the film, which will be called “Substitute Teacher” and will feature one of K&P’s most popular characters in Mr. Garvey: a no-nonsense inner city teacher tasked with teaching a bunch of suburban white kids who he’s convinced are giving him guff.

The news makes this the second Key and Peele film project to be mooted. The comedians have another film in the works, titled “Keanu”, that begins shooting this year.

As fans of the show know “Key & Peele” has been a revelation of sharp comedy, with sketches that often take uniquely unexpected turns. Honestly even if it’s just two solid hours of Mr. Garvey mispronouncing names, sign us up.

[A.V. Club]