Drunk micro-pig headbutts everyone, steals beers

A 4-year-old micro-pig named Frances Bacon had a really good thing going. For most of her life, the little pig got free rein of the Conquering Hero, the South London bar run by its owners Ian and Vicky Taylor-Ross.

Since adopting Frances Bacon at just 6-weeks-old, the little Vietnamese pot-bellied pig got to roam around the bar and make friends with the customers when she wasn’t home playing with the Taylor-Ross’s three young children. However, Frances Bacon became unable to resist peer pressure and often accepted drinks from customers’ beers and ciders, leading the pig down a dark road of drunkenness and debauchery.

It became apparent to the owners that customers were sneaking the micro-pig sips when Frances Bacon started stumbling around the pub and butting into everyone’s legs with her head.

Vicky Taylor-Ross describes the micro-pig as a “loveable menace.” Really? From over here it sounds like she’s enabling a raging lush. And it’s not like her husband has been acting like much of a bad cop to her good cop.

“She’s lovely – definitely our favorite regular. We’ve had to bar her from having any beer though,” Ian Taylor-Ross told BBC Newsbeat. “She managed to nick a pint or two and then started butting into people. But we’re keeping a closer eye on her now and that won’t happen again.”

Famous last words.

Regulars have since been warned not to give the micro-pig any booze or leave drinks unguarded in case the little drunk comes by and tries to steal a sip or finish a discarded drink. Frances Bacon will also eat anything in sight. She’ll even break into the bar to do it.

frances bacon

“She eats a special dry feed for micro-pigs and eats all our vegetable peelings – as long as she’s not eating her relatives it’s OK. She doesn’t have a clue that between pork scratchings are her relatives,” said Vicky Taylor-Ross. “We used to keep them on the lower shelves but we had to move everything a couple of weeks ago. She broke in and ate a bag of dry roasted peanuts. She didn’t eat for two days after that, but she was incredibly thirsty.”

Oh she was incredibly thirsty? I wonder how she quenched that thirst.

frances bacon

Despite her insatiable appetite and tendency to get blackout drunk, Frances Bacon is quite liked by the customers. Although they are no longer allowed to give the pig any beer, we have a feeling she’ll find a way to charm a few sips out of them.

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