Ad-Rock confirms ‘hours and hours’ of unreleased Beastie Boys tracks

Just days after being awarded a summary judgment against copyright trolls TufAmerica, Ad-Rock has confirmed that there are “hours and hours” of unreleased Beastie Boys music, along with a book on the group and some other projects. While he made a point to confirm that the group ended with the passing of Adam Yauch in 2012, he did not write off the possibility of the unreleased tracks seeing the light of day.

Speaking to GQ, Ad-Rock (AKA Adam Horovitz) said about the ending of the group, “Adam Yauch Started the band. It’s not like a thing where we could continue without him” and also mentioned that going on in any sort of duo was never even considered. However, he said that there is a ton of unreleased studio work that the tree recorded, including “really bad jamming” and “there’s a lot of stuff of us talking in the middle of it, which is priceless. We were just really stoned, talking about, like, where we should get food, or Cirque du Soleil or some shit.”

In terms of how or when the material might be released, it may be a rather complicated task due to the wording of the will of the late Adam Yauch and how it specifically constrains commercial profit from the groups’ music. Yet it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility that Horovitz and Mike Diamond (AKA Mike D) would put it out for free, or find another creative way to get the music to the masses.

Along with the unreleased tracks, Horovitz is working with Diamond on writing a memoir about the history of the group. While the first idea was to have it written by close friends of the band, after seeing the first draft the duo decided to take on the project themselves. Explaining it perfectly, Horovitz said, “no offense to Morrissey’s friends, but you’d rather read what Morrissey is saying than what Morrissey’s friends are saying.”

While some may find a renewed sadness in the fact that The Beastie Boys are completely done, most understood that without any single one of the three main members, it would be an insult to what they once were. Yet the prospect of unreleased studio work and a book is more than enough to make you fall in love with the group all over again.