This insane Kickstarter is trying to build the car of the future

What if a stoner gearhead from Long Island decided to build a car company? Well, here’s your answer, in the form of a Kickstarter page asking for $1,000,000 to build a futuristic super car called the “Annihilator.” It will change the world.

Per the page’s description, the ULTRA Car Company will introduce “the first EVER 100% FULLY customizable from the factory diff body kits hoods fenders rims ULTRA reliable 1,000 HP EASY to fix DREAM car.” Finally.

The pitch video is a work of art.

Is it serious? A pitch-perfect satire of every other shitty Kickstarter project? It’s really hard to tell!

It doesn’t matter, though. We can all laugh at overwhelming stupidity of the ULTRA Car Company, joke or not — but it’s not really any more stupid than most other real, successful Kickstarter projects. Like the Coolest Cooler. That piece of shit idea is the most successful Kickstarter project ever, and raised over $13 million. It’s just more evidence that everything is terrible and consumer capitalism is deeply empty and flawed.

[h/t Sam Biddle]