Full Cate Blanchett interview shows the actress goofing off with the reporter she supposedly ‘shut down’

The popular narrative revolving around actress Cate Blanchett’s “Cinderella” press junket interview for the Australian show “The Project” seems to dictate that the no-nonsense actress shut down reporter Jonathan Hyla for asking a frivolous question about having to control a cat on a leash for her role.

The short clip from the end of the interview circulating around the internet seems to suggest as much. However, the full four minute clip tells a different story with the pleasantly feisty Blanchett trading bawdy barbs about sex and vodka. The tone of the video is fast paced and mockingly adversarial and it seems like Blanchett is in on the joke and willing to play along. The interview is silly and irreverent from start to finish.

After the interview, Hyla posted this clip to his Instagram positing, tongue in cheek, that it was “the worst interview” he had ever done.

Regardless of whether Blanchett was legitimately annoyed at the end of the segment, she gives one hell of a junket interview.