Watch Hodor and Groot have the lowest word count rap battle in history

The internet loves rap battles. From Rhett & Link to the always excellent Epic Rap Battles of History, dirty verbal contests between figures both  historical and made up rage across video players far and wide.

But never have so many disses been expressed in so few words. That’s because there’s never been a rap battle between strong and silent types quite as strong or silent as “Game of Throne”‘s Hodor and “Guardians of the Galaxy”‘s Groot, each of whom is only capable of saying his own name, plus “I am” in Groot’s more loquacious case. You’d think with Groot’s three available syllables to Hodor’s two it would be no contest but Hodor manages to hold his own. It must be down to the same giant’s blood that gives him that big floppy cock.

[A.V. Club]