Watch President Obama interview ‘The Wire’ creator David Simon

President Obama is usually the one standing at a podium, fielding questions, but today, he’s the one asking them. The person he’s putting in the hot seat is former crime reporter and “The Wire” creator David Simon, of whom Obama is a huge fan.

The conversation screened at Thursday’s Bipartisan Summit on Criminal Justice Reform in Washington and subsequently became available on the White House’s official YouTube page.

The 12-minute discussion tackles the country’s broken system of reform and draconian punishments related to the War on Drugs, which is what Simon explored in-depth in his revered HBO series. Despite the discussion’s relative brevity, Simon and Obama go deep.

“There is an increasing realization on the left, but also on the right, politically, that what we’re doing is counterproductive. Either from a libertarian perspective, the way we treat non-violent drug crimes is problematic, and from a fiscal perspective, it’s breaking the bank, that you end up spending so much more on prison than you would with these kids being in school or even going to college, that it’s counterproductive,” Obama remarked. “We’re all responsible for at least finding a solution to this.”

[h/t The Verge]

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