First take: Ceremony announce new album via a duel track music video

North Bay hardcore legends Ceremony make waves once again with the announcement of their 5th studio album, “The L-Shaped Man.” 2012 saw the once gritty punk-rock powerviolence band evolve into a more polished post-punk sound with “Zoo.” An evolution that divided longtime fans of the band, it was a hard pill to swallow for some, but a positive departure for others.

The duel track music video for “The Separation” and “The Understanding” has pretty much put to rest any idea that they were ever going to devolve back to their original sound. Even more polished, and, dare I say, pop influenced than the tracks off of “Zoo” they ultimately set up for what I imagine the future of Ceremony will sound like.

A touch of new-wave, a touch of shoegaze, and a ton of pop sensibility is heard throughout both tracks. Think Joy Division vocals mixed with a bit of The Horrors riffs and you will get a good idea about the sound. We could not be happier about where they have gone with it, and if these two tracks are any indication on what the rest of the album will sound like, it could easily go down as one of the best of the years.

“The L-Shaped Man” is the second album to be released off of Matador Records and will be available to purchase on May 19.

ceremony album

“The L-Shaped Man:”

1. Hibernation
2. Exit Fears
3. Bleeder
4. Your Life in France
5. Your Life in America
6. The Separation
7. The Pattern
8. Root of the World
9. The Party
10. The Bridge
11. The Understanding
12. Vivication (bonus track)
13. The Hide (pre-order track)