2 new Cosby accusers come forward, one says she was 17 when attacked

At a press conference held by attorney Gloria Allred on Friday, two women stepped forward to claim that they too had been sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby. The two new accusers, Margie Shapiro and Sunni Welles, shared stories similar to the ones shared by the dozens of previous Cosby accusers, specifically that he drugged them before allegedly sexually assaulting them.

According to The Wrap, Shapiro claims that Cosby was a frequent customer of a doughnut shop she worked at in 1975. She accepted an invitation to dinner with the comedian that then turned into an invitation to the Playboy Mansion after dinner was canceled. Of course, they never actually made it to the mansion, but ended up playing pinball instead. Shapiro says that she didn’t drink alcohol at the time. However, Cosby raised the stakes that whoever lost the game had to take a pill. Lo and behold, Shapiro lost and we all pretty much know what dark turn this story takes next.

Shapiro told reporters that she came to with Cosby naked and penetrating her before passing out again. When the assault was over, Shapiro claims that Cosby acted like nothing unusual had happened and added insult to injury by telling that he wasn’t going to take her to the Playboy Mansion because she wasn’t dressed nicely enough. He then charged a driver with the task of getting Shapiro home. She claims that she was “feeling sick” during the entire ride aside from the emotional trauma she was experiencing.

The second accuser, Sunni Welles, considered Cosby a longtime friend of her family. Her mother worked in show business as a theatrical agent and as a story editor at Paramount, therefore the entire family was well-acquainted with Cosby, who Welles first met at the age of four.

While Welles’s mom was working at Paramount in the mid-60s she took a then 17-year-old Sunni to visit the set of Cosby’s show “I Spy.” When she was left alone with Cosby, he asked for her number. He later got in touch with Welles to see if she’d like to accompany him to some jazz shows, which excited Welles because she had aspirations to become a singer and was auditioning for background singing gigs. Her mother, being a longtime friend of the respected comedian, trusted Cosby to look after her teen daughter.

While at the club, Welles says she sipped a Coke only to start feeling woozy. The next thing she knew, she woke up naked in an apartment with Cosby nowhere to be found and no idea how she’d gotten there. Welles said she felt like she’d had sex.

“I did not want to believe that a family friend would do that to me,” Welles said at the press conference.

After referring to Cosby as “a sexual predator,” Welles added, “If you are a changed man, Bill, you should admit what you have done … you should be ashamed and tell the truth.”

According to The Wrap reporter Pamela Chelin, Allred said that many more alleged Cosby victims are about to come forward.

At this point, the women’s stories all sound shockingly similar , but that doesn’t mean that they are any less horrifying when told.

[The Wrap| Image: Fox News]