Video: Bill Cosby was heckled at his show on Friday

Bill Cosby is still out there doing a stand-up tour despite being accused of rape by 38 women. On Friday night –just a few hours after two more women stepped forward to claim they had been assaulted — he performed at The Lyric in Baltimore. About 15 minutes into his set Michael M. Cook stood up and shouted “38 women called you a rapist!”

While most normal people with functioning brains see this as a good thing, obviously the people who still willingly buy tickets for and attend a Bill Cosby show were not so appreciative (they also obviously do not have functioning brains). Cook was booed and told to sit down by many people in the audience. One woman near him offered the brilliant counter-argument “what have women called you?” So just be warned, by the logic of a Cosby supporter, if any theoretical woman has ever theoretically said something bad about you, you have no right to criticize alleged serial rapist Bill Cosby.

Cook attempted to placate the angry fans around him by saying “they’ll throw me out in a minute, don’t worry,” and indeed they did, but not before he was able to also scream “Tell the one about how to get away with rape!”

Cosby kept to his usual routine when being heckled of telling the fans to calm down and not engage, and then just kind of waited for security to handle it for him. His response was met with thunderous applause. Oh, Cosby also at one point said “We are here to enjoy my gift” so you know he’s really in touch with reality.

Watch the video here.

[Baltimore City Paper | Image: Huffington Post]