Nebraska man asks Oil and Gas commissioners if they’ll drink polluted fracking water

Continuing with the recent theme of asking people who claim toxic things aren’t toxic to drink said toxic things, a Nebraska man showed up to a hearing with some polluted fracking water and asked the Oil and Gas commissioners if they would drink it. They did not.

To be fair, he didn’t demand that they drink it, he just asked if they would. They didn’t give him an answer though, except to say that they aren’t allowed to answer questions, which seems to sort of defeat the purpose of a meeting in the first place.

A few thing should be noted though: First, the meeting is to discuss the transportation and disposal of polluted water, so they aren’t pretending this stuff is safe to drink. They are openly admitting that they have a bunch of disgusting and dangerous water that they are trying to get rid of.

There is also no way of knowing where this guy got the water from. It was most likely from a storage tank, and not the local water supply.

He still raises a fair point, though. By disposing of toxic polluted water in an area that has large fresh water reserves, you’re basically asking for a disaster. Whether it’s through seepage or some sort of accident, once the fresh water becomes contaminated it’s gonna be a an ordeal trying to fix it.

[Rock Hill Herald | Video: Reddit]