Illinois town attempts to stop serial pooper with polite signs

Hampton, Illinois has been at the mercy of someone who keeps shitting on their bike paths for two years now. Finally fed up with this abhorrent behavior, they’ve gone to the nuclear option: signs have been put up asking whoever it is to stop.

Some people initially thought the signs were directed at dogs. This is not the case. First of all, dogs can’t read guys. Come on. Second of all, the city’s Public Works supervisor came out and said it was directed at a specific person. “Well, animals don’t carry toilet paper and then stuff it on the top,” said Scott McKay, “It’s a mystery to many as to why someone would do it, especially when there are public restrooms nearby.”

This is clearly not something that’s being done out of desperation. This person comes prepared with toilet paper and then leaves it on top like a calling card. You are being taunted Scott. It’s time you bring this deviant down, and I don’t think a sign depicting a pile of shit with a friendly smile is gonna do the trick.