Viral llamas are now officially retired

Remember those llamas that went tear-assing around a Phoenix retirement home last month? Sure you do. Well, after making one last appearance at a Phoenix racetrack on Saturday they have now been forced into retirement by the USDA.

After the llamas went wandering the streets for nearly two hours, the USDA decided to look into the situation and discovered that the owners, Bob Bullis and Karen Freund, didn’t have the necessary permits to display them at public events. Obviously we can’t have roving bands of retired folks taking llamas with them everywhere, so the USDA told them to shut the operation down.

Freund and Bullis, who are married and both retired police officers, aren’t too thrilled with the situation. Freund stated “They just totally destroyed everything I had planned for my retirement.”

Freund and Bullis have also claimed that they attempted to call the USDA several times, but the agency is demanding all correspondence be written. Adopting a fuck-that-shit mentality, the couple have decided to give the llamas away. Freund said they’ll spend the rest of their days in Chino, Arizona where “they will just be on the farm and if somebody drives by and takes a picture, I guess I’ll get a fine.”

A sad end to a truly remarkable story.

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