Genius asks cop if she can bring weed in his car, gets arrested

A Florida (like you didn’t see it coming) woman was arrested for possession after trying to bring weed into a cop car.

The cop had originally responded to a call about a possible domestic incident. When he arrived, Michelle Sanford was quite drunk. The officer decided that no abuse had taken place, but asked if Sanford had anywhere else to stay that night, and offered to give her a ride.

Sanford decided to crash with her father and, at first, tried to bring an open beer along with her. The cop told her that was illegal though. Sanford’s boyfriend then suggested “why don’t you take your weed with you?” Sanford found this to be a pretty good idea and asked the cop if she could bring a joint along to smoke at her pop’s place.

After showing the cop her stash she was arrested.

When asked why she would do something so blatantly stupid, Sanford responded, “It’s just weed and he might be cool with it.” That’s pretty much the greatest drunken logic you could ask for, especially considering the cop had just told her she couldn’t take beer with her.

As a side note, while looking for info on this post I came across this piece from a UK site. It is hilarious, in that it clearly doesn’t understand how Americans can possibly figure out what is and isn’t legal when different states have different laws. It paints Sanford as the tragic victim of a broken system when in fact, she was just a drunk idiot. There aren’t a whole lot of states where pot is legal, and everyone who smokes definitely knows whether or not the one they’re currently living in is on the list.

[Daytona Beach News Journal]

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