John Oliver calls out April Fools’ Day for the abomination it is

You’d think by now that everyone would have accepted that April Fools’ Day is to comedy like New Years’ Eve is to partying in the sense that they are holidays reserved for people who are particularly bad at those things. However, not everyone gets this, so year after year, we’re subjected to April 1st Facebook posts from friends making mock pregnancy announcements and perpetuating bad celebrity death hoaxes. The scourge is so bad that John Oliver had to make this online short during an off week from “Last Week Tonight” to address this national tragedy head on.

Oliver does the Lord’s work when he engages the audience in a “No Prank Pledge” in which he implores them┬áto stop any potential April Fools’ pranks dead in their tracks by telling the prankster: “Stop being a dick. No, seriously, stop being a dick.”

[h/t HuffPost]