Smashing Pumpkins share video for ‘Drum and Fife’

The Smashing Pumpkins (or whatever group of hired guns the artist formerly known as Billy Corgan is currently referring to as such) shared a music video for “Drum and Fife” off “their” recent album “Monuments to an Elegy” today, and it’s everything you’ve come to expect from the “group” at this point: high production values, an “issue-raising” theme, and a sound straight out of the Zwan outtakes bin.

Directed by Ahlander + Antiga, the clip shows a group of children playing war games in the desert until someone starts shooting at them for real. Oh no! The kids go down one by one, their little faces kicking up dust each time they hit the ground. This could have been a dark video about child murder, but then the sole survivor goes into town and gives a medal to a downtrodden-looking Army guy and you’re like “Oooh, I get it. William is making a statement.”

He paid further lip service to our troops in a press release:

I asked, albeit in an allegorical way, for the video to represent what our returning soldiers are going through with PTSD, and I feel that the directors captured that with poignancy. I couldn’t be more proud of the message we’re sending that we care what happens to those that are out there hurting.

Long live the nineties. Long may they reign.

[h/t Pitchfork]