Every TV news economic report ever, in one brilliant video

This clip, from Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe, is a pretty ingenious and hilarious distillation of everything wrong with economic reports on TV news shows. It mocks the cliche format that attempts to make compelling television out of the massive, incomprehensible systems that fuck us all over daily. In other words, it’s pointing out the obvious: Economic reports are bullshit. Fun stuff.

The subtext here, if it even needs to be said, is that the attempt to make stock market figures into good television ultimately removes anything meaningful about them, making an economic report not dissimilar to a sports report, at the expense of, say, actually pointing out that our economic system itself is rigged and corrupt and renders humans worthless. It’s kind of like the Generic Brand Video, except way more depressing and hopeless.

[h/t Kottke]