Hannibal Buress expertly destroys a heckler

It’s hard to name a comedian who’s currently more well-liked than Hannibal Buress. He turned the tide of public opinion against alleged rapist Bill Cosby, he regularly kills it on one of TV’s best comedies, and he will play drums in your band. Given these facts, it’s a little surprising anyone would heckle him during one of his stand-up shows, but as Buress points out, heckler logic tends to be opaque.

During a recent date of his Comedy Camisado tour at Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware, some confused person in the audience attempted to ruin the show for everyone by yelling a bunch of unintelligible shit. Rather than ignore it, Buress turned it into fodder, shutting him down and getting some laughs in the process. In just a few minutes, he explained why the heckler was a social terrorist (because his idiocy affected 1100 other people), questioned his goals re: attention-getting (“You can’t even parlay this into pussy!”) and even extended the heckler the benefit of the doubt (“I wanna give you an excuse of being drunk and not just being a shitty obnoxious person.”) He also deconstructed the faulty logic of paying to see someone, then undermining them on purpose. All in all, a class act from a classy funnydude.

[AV Club]