New Hampshire man mugs Girl Scouts

Some Girl Scouts in Rochester, New Hampshire received a rude, and financially damaging shock, Friday evening when a man stole their cash box. The girls were selling cookies outside the local Walgreens when the bandit took the money and ran, jumping into a waiting vehicle with the dirty cookie money in hand.

Yes there was actually a getaway car for this harebrained scheme, the driver of which has since been arrested. In fact the car was later found ditched in a driveway near the scene of the crime with a value that may or may not exceed the 30 bucks these goons probably made mugging kids. Honestly the whole caper sounds like something that was dreamt up over a breakfast of bong rips and glassy eyed desperation: “We need money…Dude you know who has money and who we could probably take in a fight? The Girl Scouts!”

The suspect is still at large. No word yet on whether he’s planning to use all of that money to buy samoas.