Stripper pleads guilty to stiletto beat down

Every once in a while a story comes along that reads like a real-life Jerry Springer moment. Such was the case when a 22-year-old demure angel by the name of Carolynn Wright decided to use her plastic stiletto to beat down fellow pristine flower Ashley Michaels-Hoder in a strip club bathroom.

Carolynn issued the stiletto beatdown last November at the trés classy Chez Joey in Myrtle Beach. According to Michaels-Hoder, Wright grabbed her by the hair and “began striking her with a clear plastic high-heeled shoe that was in her left hand” and continued to strike her in the face multiple times when she managed to lift her head. Michaels-Hoser sustained a swollen left eye, swollen forehead, and multiple puncture wounds that will require stitches.

No word on what caused the altercation, but we’re talking about two strippers in South Carolina, so I’m not sure context really matters. It was 4am in a strip club bathroom, so I doubt they were engaged in a heated discussion about US-Iran relations when things got gully.

Apparently Wright , who was ordered to six days in jail and $173.90 in fines ( why not just make it $174???),  had been arrested twice before in 2014 for disorderly conduct and assault. Shocking, I know.

Maybe it’s just me, but the whole time I was writing this Rhianna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money” was playing in my head.

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