Woman poops in hallway

An Istanbul pediatric hospital is reeling this week after an unidentified person cooked up some fudge right in the middle of a busy hospital hallway.

As captured by the hospital’s surveillance footage, it was business as usual when an unidentified woman (or man, or two kids standing on each other’s shoulders — we simply don’t know for sure) entered the corridor, leaned up against a wall, checked to make sure the coast was clear, then dropped a deuce in broad daylight before making a quick getaway. (One more reason a long skirt is practical, ladies.)

While the video does not exactly provide a clear picture of the load in question, it’s apparent from the behavior of the people around it that it is indeed a steaming butt baby, as one does not check the bottom of one’s shoe at the sight of a simple dropped wallet or oblong rock.


Does Turkey have a true Fecal Rascal in its midst, or is this a viral promo for some new type of laxative? Was this premeditated, or merely a crime of opportunity? Will she strike again? Find out next time on our disturbingly active Toilet News vertical.

[h/t Reddit]