Some asshole really hates cheeseburgers

Some guy in a fast food establishment lost his shit because his burger had cheese he didn’t order on it. I know that in itself isn’t really newsworthy, because people are always losing their shit ¬†in fast food chains as evidenced in exhibit a and exhibit b.

I have watched this video a few times now, and it’s leaving me with so many questions. Like:

- Why does he hate cheese so much?

-Why does he need corporate’s phone number when he said he already called corporate?

-Doesn’t he know you’re supposed to check your drive-thru order before you drive off? That’s like drive-thru 101.

-Does he not realize he’s being obviously recorded?

-If he keeps having a problem with this restaurant like he says, why does he keep going back? Wouldn’t that make him the bigger idiot?

-Where did he get those shorts?

-Does he have a college degree in being a total jerk off?

-This isn’t a question, but to be honest I could barely understand his twangy ass when he repeated his order. So, maybe he needs to work on enunciation. Just sayin’.

-Did his girlfriend see this?

-If he has a girlfriend, did she break up with him immediately afterwards? That’s really the only acceptable reaction.

-Has this man been blacklisted from all Wendy’s restaurants in the area yet?

-Did he consider that maybe instead of berating fast food employees, he could learn how to turn on a grill and cook his own fucking burgers?

[h/t BS]