Heckler arrested for throwing banana peel at Dave Chappelle

First, if Dave Chappelle ever asks,”would you guys like to see your favorite comedian beat the shit out of somebody?” The answer is always “yes.” Always.

There’s heckling, which is always annoying, and there’s being a total racist shithead. Some genius learned what happens when you do the latter.

During a performance in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on Monday night, Christian Englander threw a banana peel at Chappelle after the comic allegedly directed a remark towards Englander’s friend. According to police, Englander wasn’t feeling too contrite about his blatantly racist move. He even kept the hits coming by throwing in a bunch of racially motivated comments as the cops hauled his drunk ass to jail. He’s currently being held without bond until his court appearance.

As for Chappelle, he told the crowd that he planned to hang the banana peel inside his tour bus, noting that he wasn’t going to let white people ruin bananas for him.

[h/t The Smoking Gun]

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