Tom Hanks’ rapper son Chet Haze is threatening Howard Stern on Twitter

Have you met Chester “Chet Haze” Hanks? He’s the rapping progeny of actor Tom Hanks and one of the world’s foremost Twitter philosophers on everything from pop culture to patriotism. Now, the up-and-coming rapper and thinker has set his sights on radio shock jock Howard Stern, and the resulting Twitpocalypse is a thing of beauty.

It all started when Howard Stern dared to disrespect the super hard wordsmith on his radio show four years back, calling him “a full blown out wigger” and mocking the way he talks:

Then, this past January, Stern stepped to him once again, playing a clip from his appearance on Eminem’s Sirius channel Shade 45 and once again mocking the fact that someone with a private school education would go out of his way to adopt the dialect of the economic underclass:

Finally, Mr. Haze broke his silence on Howard Stern’s fatherly ribbing, tweeting that he was “old” and his “time had passed.”

Despite this warning, Stern only mocked him harder, joking on his show Monday that he was going to tell Tom Hanks to cut his allowance.

Aghast at this display of flexing in the no flex zone, Mr. Haze rained vengeance down upon his head the way only a “A Prince who is son to a Great King” can, alternately threatening to “whoop [his] sickly ass”…

Mocking him for associating with and appealing to “yuppies”:

And bragging about how rich his daddy is:

Having frightened Stern and his petit-bourgeois associates sufficiently, he took a moment to clear up any lingering confusion about how many fucks he gives:

And dared the press to continue “riding his dick”:

I assure you, Mr. Haze, the pleasure is ours.

[h/t Radar Online |Photo: Chet Haze]