The most hipster Metallica banjo cover ever

The amount of times you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I’d love to hear a banjo cover of a Metallica song” is probably zero, because why would you ever want to hear such an obvious affront to metal?

Well, get ready for some head banging, bluegrass goodness, because this banjo cover of Metallica’s 1991 mega-hit Enter Sandman is pretty fucking metal. And yes, all those words were really just in the same sentence.

The only thing that makes this impressive feat even more metal is that it’s all done by one guy known as Banjo Guy Ollie ( best name ever) and his banjo. Take note, hipsters: This is the right way to use Garage Band.

Of course the last thing one would ever think when they think of Metallica is probably a hipster strumming a banjo, but then again maybe not. After all, lead guitarist Kirk Hammett is a big Hank Williams fan, so there’s a good chance he’d approve of this cover.