Indiana’s homophobic pizza shop closes due to threats

The first business in Indiana to openly refuse gay customers following the passing of the so-called Religious Freedom Restoration Act is now the first business to close because of it.

Shortly after the law’s passage, ABC 57 ran a story on the O’Connor family’s Memories Pizza in Wakerton, Indiana in which said family giddily announced they’d no longer be making pizzas for gay weddings because of their dubious interpretation of an ancient book.

Unfortunately for the O’Connors, the internet got wind of their bigotry and protested by blasting their Yelp page with bad reviews and homoerotic imagery, as well as (allegedly) threatening phone calls. It’s a strategy that never gets old.


The O’Connors apparently couldn’t handle the negative attention, and less than 24 hours later, they are closing their restaurant until the internet moves onto the next big controversy. In other words, a day or two.

[h/t TMZ | Image: ABC 57]